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For one reason or another, I have spent much of my life living in resort communities. Never have I experienced such an embracing beauty like Carlsbad. The complete physical, cultural and spiritual atmosphere here is bar none.

The poignant splendor of the landscapes and architecture, and all that encompasses the grandeur and thrill of the ocean fills my soul daily. However, as impressive an impact that these compel, I believe the greatest gift Carlsbad has to offer, is its people. As I move about the city in business and personal endeavors, the ambiance is one of joy. The people of Carlsbad are happy, kind, thoughtful, healthy and intelligent. All of this without pretense and airs…very refreshing.

How do you embody the soul of Carlsbad within a simple media? A humbling, yet exciting challenge lies ahead. I am grateful and overwhelmed by the warm welcome that Carlsbad Lifestyle has received. Thank you new partners for your support and encouragement.

To my new family, the community of Carlsbad, it is my deepest desire to capture the unique and very special character of this precious town and bring it to you monthly, in a beautiful, intelligent and inspiring presentation. It is my honor and privilege to present to you our inaugural edition of Carlsbad Lifestyle.

Let the journey begin…

Gratefully Yours,

Lucy Jones