Man About Town: JR Philips 4

Purpose. Vision. Community.

Another gorgeous morning after an overnight drizzle, another day living in paradise. I am not the only one who can attest to the fact that Carlsbad is a true gem. JR Phillips, along with his wife Marie and three children, has called the city home for the past 19 years. At his family residence, I am greeted warmly while JR is finishing up a phone call. Simply dressed in jeans and sneakers, his smile as relaxed as his attire, we sat outside in the sunshine to chat. JR shares he has never been happier, attributing this to a valued and purposeful life, which he has found living in Carlsbad.

A good man puts his parents, children and wife on a pedestal, and JR jumps at the opportunity to rave about his family, friends and Carlsbad itself. He knows that “location, location, location,” is made desirable not simply for geographical positioning alone, but also as a direct reflection of a community’s members and the pride they feel for their town. JR wears many hats when it comes to the community – as a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, serving on the Education and Government Affairs Committees, being a part of the Senior’s Helping Hands projects, as a member of the Hi-Noon Rotary Club, as the Co-Chair for the Hi-Noon Rotary’s Annual Brew Fest (which has been set officially for September 10th 2016 at Holiday Party), and as a Board Member of The Carlsbad Educational Foundation.

Yet, he is also part of the Dad’s Club for AOE PTA and always makes time for his kids’ sporting events, dance, the customary Carlsbad beach days with the family, his fellow community members – their needs, and, of course, his grateful clients, whose calls he always answers. Along with being a hands-on, do-anything-for-his-kids kinda guy, being an active member of the community and directly involved with making a positive impact are important to JR. The way he describes his clients and their homes, “deals” as others in the industry might say, is more about forming personal and highly valued relationships. “It’s a shame,” JR reflects, that there is a change in the real estate industry amongst his peers of, “agents only texting nowadays. I want to talk to someone sometimes and I know that goes both ways. I may call with one question, but then I have three more and so on.”

Accountability is one of the most important traits a man can have according to JR. And you understand that better, learning about JR and his closeness to his dad, Mervin John Phillips Sr., a Midwestern blue-collar guy with an iron work ethic as young JR was growing up. From the time JR learned how to weld at age 8, to running his own lawn mowing business, JR learned from his father to take responsibility for his actions and the meaning behind the statement, “A job has value”.

“I value and respect the people I work for, and am always cognizant of the fiduciary and emotional responsibility placed upon me. Every one of my relationships is unique and treasured. Even with clients that I have worked with multiple times, no two properties are the same. This is one aspect that makes my work different every day. How can I help best is a question that I am constantly refocusing on.”

In addition to his professional knack for matchmaking in real estate, JR completed the Carlsbad Citizens Academy in 2010. It launched a strong desire to give back and become more involved. JR has come to find greater purpose, wider vision and means to satisfy his naturally inquisitive and helpful nature. “I would recommend every single person living in Carlsbad goes through the Citizens Academy, it would make for an even stronger, more aware and solidified community.”