Spinal Well-Being

There are five key pillars to health, but most of us only focus on a few. Then we wonder why we have trouble losing weight, have low energy, frequent colds, too much stress, poorly behaved children, body pains, etc. We have to remember that health is like a building, and if one of the pillars is not strong, your health will suffer. In no particular order, the five pillars of health are:

1) Good Nutrition: There are many diets and lots of misinformation floating around so here is what to look for: Eat real food, organic when possible. Eat more vegetables and cut out the sugar.

2) Positive Mental Attitude: Changing the damaging and negative story we tell ourselves on a daily basis is hugely healthy and health promoting.

3) Exercise and Movement: We find excuses not to exercise on a regular basis. The reason for this is “sedentary inertia.” Bodies in motion, stay in motion and those at rest, stay at rest.

4) Sleep: We rebuild tissues, muscle, and recharge the brain during sleep, so make it a priority. Set a bedtime and get at least 7.5-9 hours of sleep per night.

5) Take care of your spine and nervous system: Our nerve system controls every system in our body.  If it isn’t working, you aren’t working.

Most of us treat our spines like our health, only giving it attention when we have problems with it. This is a bad idea because it will lose function over time, each small injury and postural stress adding up until we have a major breakdown. Sometimes this shows up as pain, sometimes as decreased immunity, and more often than people realize, it shows up as decreased function that will lead to all sorts of health problems. This is why some of the most exciting and promising fields of research involve spine and nerve system function.

A common objection I hear to people seeking out a chiropractor is that you will ‘get addicted’ or “they always want you to keep coming”. Feeling good is addicting so in that sense they are right. Much like exercise and sleep can be addicting. We are not static and neither is our health. We have to practice healthy habits and maintain our health over time, which is why chiropractic isn’t just for the injury or pain.

At New Wave Chiropractic Center in Carlsbad, we check and adjust infants, adults, and everyone in between. The adjustments are tailored to the body type so a newborn baby does not get the same force or care as a growing child or an adult. We help patients with a wide variety of issues but we specialize in migraines, joint dysfunction, and other problems.

Keep your spine and nerve system working well and you will have a lifetime of good health with minimal health challenges. Having a chiropractor on your health team will be essential in maintaining spine and nerve function over the year, and keeping you and your family the picture of health.