Hello June! 1

This month’s issue of Carlsbad Lifestyle celebrates a few of our local men. We have highlighted some wonderful members of our community here for you to get to know them better. Our stories share a few of their hobbies, passions and professional insights. We honor devoted fathers and take you on an adventure for the wild at heart.

Cheers to the wonderful organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers and many others, who fill a missing role with love and compassion. Here’s to the great men who lead and motivate others, men who diligently provide for their families, take risks to improve lives or drop everything to care for an aging or ill loved one… Thank you.

We’ve presented some of our local picks for Father’s Day festivities and gifting as well as a great calendar of upcoming events here in Carlsbad for the whole family to look forward to. Remember to grab a copy of our magazine as you visit some of these venues and enjoy this peek into the lifestyles of a few Carlsbad men, some of whom you may even recognize.

We know we have only brushed the surface but may this issue inspire you to celebrate the amazing men in your life…Join us as we tip our hats to fathers, husbands, partners, sons, friends and our inspirations!