Fitness Fun for the Whole Family 4

…And a Lean Summer Body to Boot

Having never been to a boxing club before, I imagined it to be Rocky-ish, with extremely in shape hard-core athletes fighting one another. Perhaps an uncomfortable feeling of competiveness in the air. But when I walked into Title Boxing Club, I was surprised to see a diverse group of seemingly happy people of all ages at all levels of fitness.

Marketing Director Lexie Gascon confirms that this is not your typical boxing gym. “Title makes boxing and kick-boxing really approachable to everybody. It’s for all levels and all ages. It’s for athletes and non-athletes. And when I worked in other gyms you just didn’t see that friendliness, that openness. This is that perfect balance where you can have a family come in and take a class together and everybody is getting something out of it. And that’s just going to make it more fun. You can walk in here and you don’t have to be afraid of someone hitting you in the face. It’s just an entirely different feel than other boxing and kick boxing gyms.”

“We have different clientele,” says Brad Schwartz, the owner of the Carlsbad location. “That’s what we need people to understand. It’s called Title Boxing Club and people think it’s a fighting club and it’s not. It’s a fitness center that utilizes boxing.” This was reaffirmed as a consistent stream of parents and teens walked in together to the packed class.

“I had always had it in my head that I would most likely love boxing, but I was absolutely terrified to actually check it out,” says Paula Mazza, a devoted member of Title. “One day, my husband dared me to actually check into it. My youngest daughter and I walked into a local boxing gym. The staff was nice enough, but there was an overall vibe that wasn’t working for me. Several days later, I found a Groupon for Title. The price was right so I joined TBC in January 2015. Over time, with the ongoing encouragement of staff and other patrons, I have grown stronger and faster. I cant express enough what a game changer TBC has been. Did I mention that I have lost nearly 50 lbs. so far?”

What is it about Title Boxing Club that makes it not only a great workout, but also sees a variety of people coming back for more? “When you look at all the different exercises, boxing is one of the top as far as burning the most calories per minute and using all the different parts of your body. Boxing uses all of your muscles as well as improves balance, cognitive thinking, coordination, plus uses both sides of your body, and complex footwork,” says Schwartz. “When you’re putting all of that together in one hour, you’re getting a lot of benefits.”

Watching the class perform burpees, push-ups and sit-ups looked almost torturous. And this was just the warm-up! The funny thing was – everyone seemed to be having a blast. Especially when it came time to put on their gloves and start pounding the bags. Schwartz recommends two to three classes a week. And you can try out your first class here for free! They are conveniently located in Carlsbad, right off Rancho Santa Fe Rd.