Summer BBQ Fun 2

From Backyard to Beach

Take your barbecue bash one notch up this summer with these ideas for a July 4th celebration or really any outdoor party all summer long. Whether in your own backyard or out at one of our beautiful beachfronts, we’ve got you covered with our recommendations for a good ol’ time with family and friends!

Food that’s Fingerlickin’ Good!

Beverage selection –Sangria, Lemonade, Wine or Beer
Build Your Own Burger station – Buns in a basket and all the fixin’s displayed
Mac & Cheese – The party staple that never grows old
Potato Salad – Loose the fries and go for this cooler option
S’more Dessert – For that sugar high you will crave out in the sun
Fruit Bowl – The healthier dessert option, or what’s left of your Sangria

Recipe Alert – Fire Cracker Burger

Your party needs one crowning glory of an entrée that anchors the entire meal. Our friends at Green Dragon Tavern and Museum shared this fabulous recipe for their Fire Cracker Burger so you don’t have to conjure any last-minute culinary creations:

Pulled Pork BBQ Sauce:
Ingredients: 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup ketchup, 4 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 tablespoon yellow mustard, 1 tablespoon molasses, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 jalapeno, 1 cup pineapple juice

  • Roast jalapeno on open flame until lightly charred. Cool and de-seed.
  • Place all ingredients in a pot except for ketchup.
  • Simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes. Add ketchup and simmer for 5 minutes.

Pulled Pork:
Ingredients: 2 ½ lbs pork shoulder, salt and pepper to taste

  • Season pork with salt and pepper, place in roasting pan with 2 cups water.
  • Cover with tin foil, cook for 4 hours in oven preheated to 300F until pork is tender.
  • Cool pork and using 2 forks, shred to pieces. Add BBQ sauce and reheat.

Fire Cracker Burger (Serves 4)
Ingredients: 4 potato buns, 2 oz melted butter, 4 grass fed beef patties (5 oz each), 16 oz pulled pork, 1 yellow onion- sliced ¼ inch, ½ cup buttermilk, 4 cups vegetable oil, ½ cup all-purpose flour-seasoned with salt and pepper, 2 jalapenos-sliced into rings, 8 slices your favorite pickle, 4 slices pepperjack cheese

  • Preheat oven to 400F. Season patties with salt, pepper and grill until desired temperature
  • Place vegetable oil in medium sauce pot and heat until 350F
  • Place sliced onion in buttermilk and strain. Bread strained onion with seasoned flour and fry in oil until golden brown, place on paper towel to soak up excess oil and season with salt.
  • Place sliced jalapeno in frying oil for 30 seconds (the longer you fry the jalapeno, the more mild it will be).
  • Brush burger buns with melted butter and toast on griddle until golden brown
  • Place cooked hamburgers on sheet pan and top each with 4 oz pulled pork
  • Place a slice of pepperjack cheese on top of pulled pork and place in oven until melted
  • Assemble burgers – place two slices pickle on each bun, one burger and top with crispy onion and fried jalapeno. Enjoy!

Plan a Party with Pizzazz

  • Use brown paper on the table so you can write out names of dishes with a marker
  • Get a simple yet festive garland to decorate and set the mood
  • Fresh flowers are essential – makes for a great centerpiece arrangement
  • Serve buffet style so food is easily shareable and guests can fill up own plates
  • Recyclable forks and spoons – Enjoying nature’s bounty? Then do your part to preserve it
  • Party favors! A great reminder of memorable times spent with loved ones – Small brown envelopes with your guest’s name printed, held together with some ribbon and good cheer!

Games People Play

This outdoor party is not going anywhere if you don’t get your guests working! May we recommend:

Frescobol Carioca Transco Beach Bat And Ball Set $245 – Crafted by hand from select wood cuts and finished with surfboard resin to ensure they withstand years of sun and salt water.

Maine Coast Croquet $199.00 – Bring the whole family together in your own backyard and rediscover this old-time, favorite lawn game. Six-person set with sturdy hardwood mallets and stakes. Nine steel wickets.

Jumbo Graffiti Jenga Set $138.95 – Includes 54 jumbo pieces all “Custom Graffiti Sprayed” w/ multi-Color Graffiti style, decorated for giant tumbling tower fun, start at 2.5ft and plays up to 5+ft tall.

Credits: Tablescape styling-Marci Jones, Décor-Michael’s and Party City, Location and Food-Green Dragon Tavern and Museum