Summertime Lovin'

When the weather’s this enticing, I find no reason to stay indoors. Every opportunity to experience something new, discover another local attraction, is enthusiastically embraced. And when our beautiful city offers so much to do and see, why not partake? No doubt you will find me at the beach a few days but I am excited for all the great summer events coming up, some of which are highlighted in our Around Town department as well as Lifestyle Calendar, with interesting activities all month long. Its offerings like this, along with many other factors, that landed Carlsbad at #10 on the top 50 fittest nations of the country according to the American Fitness Index report!

If you are working on your fitness this season, do stop by our friends at Title Boxing Club for a free first session of their whole body workout experience. Another way to stay fit is on the new eco-tours on the lagoon, while you learn more about this beautiful local treasure. A visit to the Army and Navy Academy set us on a learning experience of a different kind – one that intrigued us, as we hope it does you too. Read on to understand the way they are changing how our young men are educated to be future leaders.

In this summer travel edition, we also have a few wine country getaways for your consideration, but if you are staying in town then our fun BBQ spread will take you through July 4th and beyond. While you are out and about savoring the outdoors, remember to stay healthy, happy and hydrated. Oh, and to also take your copy of our magazine with you…We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did creating it for you!

Happy July and see you around,