Essentials for Staging your Home 8

Staging your home for a sale can be quite an involved process so remember these essentials from local premier real estate agent Wendy Wiegand of Wiegand Realty as the last word on getting your home sale ready!

1. Your #1 Priority regardless of budget should be to deep clean interiors and exteriors. Remember the windows!

2. Declutter! Remove personal items and knickknacks, especially from kitchen and bath counters.

3. Edit your furniture – be sure rooms are not overcrowded. Less is more!

4. Add accents – matching bath towel sets, accent pillows, fresh flowers, etc.

5. Boost your curb appeal. Clean and spruce up exterior and landscaping. Add color!

6. Make small repairs around your home – the details count, more than you know!

7. Paint walls in neutral colors that will brighten and revive your home’s interiors.

8. Consider hiring a professional home staging company. They can bring in furniture and accents to help your home stand out in a competitive market.