Caring For Pets And More: Animal House Pet Care 4

For more than 20 years, Animal House Pet Care in Carlsbad has been in business under the leadership of a dynamic daughter/mother team, Susan and Gina McBride, who are committed animal lovers and advocates. They put their money and time where their hearts lie by supporting not only other animal service providers, but also community organizations with missions that resonate with them.

Both nurture a love of animals. Their desire to work with them in some fashion came about early. Gina says, “I have always had pets, even an alligator when it was legal!” Though she admits that her lifestyle as an active partner in Animal House Pet Care, as well as her work as a Certified Financial Planner and Planned Giving Specialist would preclude her from getting another such exotic pet, she and her daughter, Susan, have their hands more than full providing in-home care for beloved pets while the animals’ “parents” are away.

Susan has always had pets too. “I went to school at Rawhide Ranch in Fallbrook, a working horse and livestock ranch and vocational school. I moved on to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, now known as Safari Park, and then worked at the YMCA as a supervisor, teacher, and Animal Camp Leader.” Susan is certain that each of these experiences played an important role in her decision to found Animal House Pet Care.

Gina describes the business as a provision of “a broad range of personalized, concierge pet services.” Though she states that their role is “primarily pet sitting and dog walking,” it is clear that they and their employees care for pets and their owners to a much greater degree. They don’t run in, throw cat food in a bowl, or quickly walk the dogs to the mailbox and back. They spend time with the animals, and make sure the homes are safe for them in the absence of their caring families. They also make wholesome, natural pet treats using spent grains from local breweries

In addition, they advocate that all pets have their own Emergency Preparedness Kits and help the pets’ owners to compile them. Gina says, “Oftentimes, our clients will then have kits for pets but not themselves. So we encourage them to prepare one too!” Both are certified and trained for Carlsbad’s Community Emergency Response Team. Additionally, they have even helped clients during difficult times, saying their final goodbyes to beloved pets.

The reach of this duo’s commitment to helping animals goes far beyond providing such invaluable services. Both have a strong sense of purpose for community support and sharing or “giving back”. Not just to animal organizations, but also in providing support through sponsorships, advertising, donating gift baskets with pet items, sponsoring their own events, and volunteering. The list of organizations they support is impressive, including (though not limited to) Rancho Coastal Humane Society, San Diego Humane Society, Helen Woodward Humane Society, San Diego Botanic Gardens, Boys And Girls Clubs Of Carlsbad, Lions, Tigers and Bears Sanctuary, and Foundation for Animal Care and Education.

Susan and Gina sum up their dedication very simply, “We are privileged to support charitable organizations that rescue, shelter and care for animals, enhance the joy and quality of life, benefit our global communities and help those in need. Through promoting organizations, founding and sponsoring events, providing funding and gifts and thoughtful advocacy, we are proud to serve our communities.”