Giving Back 1

Giving Back suggests we have something to give in the first place. How wonderful that each one of us, regardless of our financial, physical or emotional wealth, has something to give. Whether a smile, a hand up, a meal, a hug, a kind word…we all have unique ways to bless others. Please join Carlsbad Lifestyle in celebrating the many generous hearts of this community. In our September issue, we have captured some wonderful examples of friendliness and generosity.  Truly, our community is set apart by its willingness to give back.

Carlsbad is so unique in its desire to reach out and support the less fortunate, our beautiful scenery, our children and our animals, that we have “Kindness Meters” to help! Thank you Carlton Lund for setting the bar on Giving Back. I hope you are all inspired by the story of our very own General of Good Will.

I once associated the Assistance League with a Thrift Shop alone. Au contraire…wait till you read how this amazing 25-year-old organization puts hands, feet and hearts behind their banner of “Assistance”. Kindness must extend to our loyal and unconditionally loving animals as well.  Discover how Animal House Pet Care, not only cares for our pets when we are away, but will help guide us to be the very best pet owner possible.

Giving back to our arts inspires enlightenment as well as educational opportunity for the gifted to pursue their dreams. Enjoy this first of two looks into our very own La Costa Film Festival and how they provide our community with an extraordinary 4-day event, as well as support a vision to assist students of film-making year round.

Throughout the Carlsbad Lifestyle issues, we have and will continue to highlight our community’s numerous non-profits and kindness ambassadors. This month, we give you a mere glimpse of the myriad of opportunities we all have to take advantage of the excellent organizations within our community’s borders.

All organizations need financial donations and we thank all of you for your generous giving.  However, I encourage all of us to reach out to someone today, lend a hand, comfort a weary soul, volunteer, bring a smile…in doing so our reward will be ten-fold. As we wrap up Summer and enter into the beauty and serenity of Fall, I wish you all a full heart, strength to carry your responsibilities and love enough to give back.

With Love,