Feelin' Good 1

Southern California…the epitome of health and wellness. The SoCal culture thrives on activity, experiences, physical appearance and long life, all great impetus for discovering, and resurrecting effective pathways to overall wellbeing.

This October, we highlight a few traditional as well as non-traditional means to health and wellness located right here in Carlsbad. La Costa Dental Excellence uses cutting edge technology combined with age-old customer service to provide some of the most beautiful and healthy smiles in town. We take a look into the new phenomenon of Concierge Medicine. Dr. Stuart Kipper brings back the old-fashioned home visit – call anytime, family doctor relationship, presented in a new package of personalized, exceptional care. We introduce a new concept to cancer care through the professional, innovative and loving hands of Susan Webster and the Pacific Cancer Fitness Foundation. Inspiring with healthy lifestyle, fitness and hope as her themes, Susan touches the lives of North County cancer patients in a unique and rewarding way.  Massage is not what it used to be! Emily Brelsford (Revive Therapeutic Massage) brings her education in anatomy and study of the human body to an individually crafted massage experience for each of her clients, which is out of this world!

Meet your old friend and new City Manager Kevin Crawford. Kevin returns to Carlsbad to unite and direct our community towards a new vision of growth and excellence. Discover the incredible privilege we have to call him our leader. We have thrown in a quick peek into Carlsbad’s very own “Shark Tank”, with a movie twist, along with some great home design ideas, to provide yet another fun and interesting issue of Carlsbad Lifestyle. I hope you enjoy every page as much as my team and I have enjoyed preparing it for you!


Lucy Jones