Massage is Good Medicine 6

If you watched the Olympics this year and followed Team USA’s Michael Phelps, the death stare that broke the Internet is probably what you’ll remember, along with, of course, his unbelievable medal haul. But what you might have also noticed was circular deep red bruises screaming at you from his back while he glided through the water. “That is massage cupping and it is actually not bruising at all,” says local holistic healing practitioner Emily Brelsford, owner of Revive Therapeutic Massage, Carlsbad.

“Cupping can go up to four layers deep to pull the congestion in the connective tissue/fascia, and that’s what makes it so effective – it is pulling up junk (dead blood cells, debris, and toxins) that’s been stuck inside for so many years!” A massage therapist for the past 12 years, Brelsford is Board certified and has been practicing in Carlsbad for a year now. She is a unique holistic professional and one of the few in the area offering the myriad services she specializes in.

Massage cupping is an amazing technique that originates from ancient Chinese medicine – the belief that where there is pain, there is congestion, and if it is in the body a long time, it is in the deeper layers of the tissue. Cupping helps pull up all of that to the surface and then eliminate it from the body to clear the tissue. Once the congestion is gone, the pain is gone, something Brelsford has observed in many cases and experienced herself as well.

Another treatment is Craniosacral Therapy – spine therapy that helps to open up and release the spine to bring it back into balance. Brelsford stresses, “The spine is also the nervous system and the nervous system registers emotion. So with pain, there is emotion linked. Not only does the spine need to be opened up and rebalanced but also there is emotional content usually from trauma that the body stores that needs releasing.”

Craniosacral Therapy is different from chiropractic treatment though. Instead of the massage therapist choosing what they will correct, the body really is the guide. “It is absolutely your body doing all the work and opening where it needs to, in the order it needs to,” emphasizes Brelsford, who strongly believes in customizing treatments for people’s needs, incorporating multiple techniques into the same sessions. An example of this is incorporating hot stones and aromatherapy into a treatment to achieve the ultimate response and calm the nervous system.

Myofascial Release, Scar Therapy, Craniosacral Fascial unwinding, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Cupping, and more are part of Brelsford’s expertise bringing in holistic medicine treatments to Carlsbad. “Everyone should be receiving massage as preventive health care. It is great for stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and mental clarity, and simply as a self-maintenance program,” says Brelsford. “My love is working with people, to help them heal, so the more they are educated about holistic healing and experience it, the better!”