Fox 5's Heather Lake's Winter Travel Favorites 13

You’ve seen her on TV but Fox 5’s Heather Lake is here reporting less about the local news and more about her favorite travel picks for the season. Lake and husband Sean are sporty parents to baby boy Sebastian. “We are pretty big runners (trained and ran the Boston Marathon together in 2014 as “marriage counseling”),” says Lake. “No matter where we are, we try to get off the plane and lace up right away to shake off any travel cobwebs. Now that we have a baby, I always travel with my Bob Jogging Stroller so Sebastian can come too! As far as winter goes, we usually spend the whole day boarding and then après-ski the evenings with a good glass of wine. Last year we went to Utah when Sebastian was 2 months old so this year it will be really special to actually see his reaction to the snow, and of course, get him all bundled up in his adorable gear!”

Winter destinations – Squaw Valley (Tahoe) and Snowbird (SLC). My husband and I love snowboarding but he is much better at it than I.

Winter indulgence – Peppermint mocha…love love love!

Running shoes – Brooks Adrenaline, it’s the best way to see a new place.

Lip care – Aquaphor and EOS lip balm in mint.

Sunglasses – These are the two that I love right now, I usually bring two pairs depending on my mood.

Snacks – Barnana and Perfect Bars (both local companies started in San Diego). Every mom’s saving grace for hours of in-flight snacking and entertainment for a little one – Plum Organics’ Super Puffs

All time favorite getaway – Gloucester, Mass. Its here we got married and Sean’s sister lives there. We love Cape Ann. It’s our little east coast hideaway!

Local beach spot – Cardiff State Beach (just below the ramp) for sunset runs or beach days with the baby.

Time out with girlfriends – Oysters and wine flights with the girls! I enjoy chilled white wine and they have amazing wine tasting flights at Solace and the Moonlight Lounge in Encinitas.

Favorite kids wear – We are obsessed with the Patagonia kids line and I have to stop buying everything I see!