Where will you go?

On a trip to Amsterdam, I visited a museum where I saw this sign – “Waar moet ik heen?” Translated from Dutch, it means – Where shall I go?

For the lifelong traveler in me, this was an epiphany for not only my travels until then but also the travels ahead. The travel bug bit me early on in life, and there has been no stopping since. Though born in India and raised in the Middle East, I now call America home, and have had the opportunity to travel across the U.S, Europe, 
Africa and Asia, personally and professionally.

So you can sense my awe when sharing the story of Carlsbad resident Caitlyn Webster, who is an undersea explorer and deep dive specialist with none other than National Geographic! She shares her stories of underwater escapades in remote locations and another world altogether that most of us are ever privy to.

If you’d like to stay on the surface though, our friends at Carefree Vacations can assist with a spectacular luxury cruising experience to pretty much any destination you fancy. And while at it, remember to factor in your pets as you plan these great adventures to lands near and far.

If you are staying home, you might want to stay alert for the next chance to dine at the home of locals Joy and Stan Prowse…Just look at the feast guests enjoyed at their recently held dinner party!

We hope you enjoy reading this lovely winter travel and holiday issue…Take our magazine along for your reading pleasure. And let us know – Where will you go?

See you around! Safe travels always,

Ruksana Hussain


ON THE COVER: This month’s cover is an amazing shot by Caitlyn Webster, who shares her love for Mother Nature in our cover feature story on Page xx!