Angels Among Us 7

“It is all about love!”

And that is exactly how you feel when speaking with Phyllis Hall, Founder of With Me Always, a business that has operated here in Carlsbad since 1998, and designer of the Angelheart Jewelry Collection which features the Angelheart design – a simple outline of an angel with heart-shaped wings Hall designed herself as a symbol of love, after she lost her two sons in an accident years ago.

Since then, many others have turned to her Angelheart pendants to capture that connection they feel for a loved one, often to seek comfort in trying times. “The stars lined up when I started this business making gifts of love for family and friends,” says Hall, familiar to most locals as wife of Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall. “So many great opportunities have come my way, and I am truly thankful.”

Over the years, the Angelheart symbol has become an eloquent expression of love that transcends time, distance and separation. Every pendant is personalized with a birthstone and an original poem is enclosed with each piece of her jewelry, which reads – ‘Whether near or far apart, love is always close in heart!’ The jewelry can be purchased on her website as well as at local store Famulare Jewelers.

“I am honored with very sale, I love my business because each purchase is meaningful,” says Hall, who is also an author. Her book ‘With Me Always’ is a beautifully written and illustrated story of a little boy called Angelheart, who is tasked with polishing the dimming stars for new angels so that they can find their way home. Though written as a children’s fable, it reveals her remarkable personal story.

“The bond of love that we create in our homes and families is so important,” she says. “I believe with my heart that we should emulate love and kindness in our home and allow that to filter into our communities.” To that extent, Hall partners with many local charities including the Mitchell Thorpe Foundation, Kids For Peace and Lifesharing-A Donate Life Organization so that purchase of her products benefits their efforts.

The tagline to her business says it all – Celebrate. Cherish. Remember. Hall’s case is truly one of tragedy translating to treasure – a special way to treasure her boys and teaching us all to treasure our loved ones always. She hopes to be a public speaker one day so she can share her journey of miracles and give people hope – “Our number one purpose in life is to love one another with kindness!”