Drs. Paul and Gina Hodgson and their fantastic team at New Wave Chiropractic Center in Carlsbad attract some of the most challenging health cases from around the world. 
Chiropractic has long been known to alleviate back pain, neck pain, headaches, and many other symptoms, however the real benefit is in getting your entire body balanced: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and chemically. When this is achieved life becomes fun again, and you can focus on your higher purpose in life. 
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Why is a healthy lifestyle so important to you and for our readers?  

Dr. Gina: If you don’t have your health, your life experience is diminished. We have to nourish our body, mind, soul, and relationships to have the best life experience. The good news is health is dynamic, meaning you can change it, starting with small decisions every day and leading to bigger and bigger decisions. 

Why see a chiropractor? 

Dr. Paul: Most people hear chiropractor and they think headache, neck pain, back pain, etc. Most people come in when they are experiencing a crisis of health. Oftentimes, they have tried the ordinary doctor only to be prescribed a handful of pills from across the room after a diagnosis in less than 7 minutes total patient time. This isn’t healthcare. Chiropractic is SO MUCH BIGGER than just pain. It helps your body work the way it is designed to, the way it is supposed to. The biggest surprise for patients is how well their immune system starts to work and how well they sleep.

What makes your practice unique?

Dr. Gina: Our practice is so special because we take the time to match our patients’ goals with their current situation. People sometimes live with pain until it gets bad enough that it affects their life. This is when they recognize a need for help and change. We do a remarkable job of finding the problem, predicting what it will take to fix it, and matching this with the patients’ short and long-term goals.

How do you find work/life balance?

Dr. Paul: Still working on this one but as a hardworking friend of mine describes it, I like to be high tide and low tide – hard work with intense energy followed by complete unplugging, relaxation, and fun. This won’t work for everyone but seems to be the pace I enjoy the most. If you need a break, take a break. You are no good to anyone burnt out.  


To exercise together? We love to run the stairs at the Carlsbad beach and do lunges in the sand there.  

Family exercises?  Dr. Paul: Activities like playing in the ocean, soccer, football, tennis ensuring an active family time geared toward everybody’s health and happiness.

Tips to not overdo it in January and then give up?

Dr. Paul: Set REALISTIC health and fitness goals. Set an easy “have to” goal, and a stretch goal that would mean you have really been kicking butt! Keep the time frame short like 1-3 months and get someone to keep you accountable that you report back to.