Raising the Barre 5

The very mention of barre might meet with resistance when considering fitness options, especially for someone looking for a new exercise regimen. Many conjure perfect ballet poses and levels of finesse that are intimidating. Little do they know, the technique behind barre classes requires nothing more than motivation and commitment to explore a tried and tested fitness method that has a loyal fan following across the country.

“Pure Barre classes are for every body type and the music really helps keep you going!” says Katy Homyk, owner of Pure Barre Carlsbad, which opened November 2015 and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary (see pictures in our Good Times). She has helped many women in the community lose weight and feel strong through Pure Barre’s total body workout classes – low impact but high intensity to help burn fat and sculpt muscles. You work your body to fatigue then stretch out every muscle. This helps to tone your body by slowly burning calories; the barre is used for stability. Each class has the same format but offers a different challenge.

An upcoming fitness challenge at the Pure Barre Carlsbad studio is 17 classes in 30 days! When clients reach their goal of 100 classes, they get to sign the barre – a great motivator for regular clients to reach their goals, and be recognized in the barre ‘Hall of Fame’ for their efforts toward a healthy and fit lifestyle.

One student to reach the 100-class mark, Marion says, “I was introduced to Pure Barre Carlsbad in December 2015. I decided to try one class and find out what it was all about. It didn’t take long before I was hooked, and I love my 55 minutes tucking, toning, burning and stretching each day with great new friends that are also encouraging and inspiring.”

“Our main goal is to make women feel confident in their own skin, I love inspiring clients to work to be the best version of themselves,” says Homyk, who was introduced to barre classes by a friend training to be a teacher. After the initial shock of her first class, Homyk fell in love with the technique – the music, the challenge and the results were enough to keep her coming back for more. “I initially wanted to teach to inspire other clients the way my teachers inspired me. Now I continue to teach, because my clients inspire me with each obstacle they overcome and each milestone they hit.”

A regular at the Pure Barre Carlsbad studio, Erin is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2012, at the age of 35. “Treatment started right away with radiation and chemotherapy lasting for over a year. I was feeling frustrated not being able to run, lift weights or do most cardio workouts anymore. My friend suggested I try Pure Barre. I was hesitant but with a few modifications, I completed and loved my first class. It has been a very long road to recovery but since joining the Pure Barre family, I have become stronger and stronger everyday.”

“My favorite part about what I do is my love for fitness and seeing client results,” says Homyk. “I love being a part of their healthy journey. I’m inspired by their success for a happier and healthier lifestyle!”