Stay on Track 2

with these health and fitness picks

We all know how New Year’s Resolutions go. Come January 1, we’re all about it. We’re eating healthy, joining the mass quantities of gym-goers everyday after work and convince ourselves we’ll finally stick with it this time. As the months go by, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated, but this health and fitness gear is so cool you won’t want to quit.

Athos Gear: With everything else these days connected to your phone, why should your clothes be any different? Equipped with seamlessly integrated sensors and an athletically-designed compression fit, Athos’ smart clothing displays real-time insights that show what muscles you’re actually targeting, track your progress and set benchmarks to make the most out of your workout.

Trace: For the outdoorsy type whose fitness routine can’t be confined to a gym, Trace touts itself as the most advanced action sports tracker ever created—working with sports such as surfing, snowboarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and windsurfing.

HAPIfork: Although the ratio is debated, we all know weight management is part diet, part exercise. For whatever amount of diet it is, there’s HAPIfork—an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. Measuring length of meals, “fork servings” per minute and offering gentle vibrations when you’re eating too fast, the smart fork will help you adopt healthy eating habits.

Naked Fitness Tracker: Described as the world’s first home body scanner, Naked helps you visualize your body’s changes by capturing a 3D body model and tracking your body fat percentage, body measurements and weight. You can also see a custom time-lapse of how your body has changed over time.

Sensoria Fitness Socks: Smart clothes, a smart fork and…smart socks? Sensoria smart socks are made up of textile sensors and conductive fibers that detect your cadence while running and how you are landing on your feet, providing real-time feedback during your training.