A happy February 
filled with love! 1

Our February issue proclaims ‘Love Is In The Air’! Coming off the fullness of the holidays, many of us are still cozy and filled with love from family and friends. If you were like me, you experienced the incredible richness of having your children gathered around – laughing, talking, playing games and delighting in being together again. Love is gratifying, vulnerable and so compelling, that we have a holiday in its honor!

The Greeks had it figured out a few thousand years ago by having four different words for our one word “love”…

Philia – Friendship, brotherly love (i.e. Philadelphia)

Storge – Fondness, affection (i.e. love of a parent or spouse)

Eros – Intimate, passionate love  (i.e. young lovers)

Agape – Unconditional love (i.e. the love of God)

Woven throughout the February issue, we have shared with you several of these loves. Love of family and friends, love of art, love of adventure and the most fun of all…romantic love.

As you will see in our ‘Love in the Village’ article, there is a limitless array of shopping, dining, entertainment and fun options for everyone, right here in our own Carlsbad Village! I encourage you to take some time to explore The Village. Enjoy the many fun activities waiting for you to experience with family and friends or on that date night with your special Valentine.

I wish for you all the peace and joy of giving and receiving love, in all of its many forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day and a happy February filled with love!

Lucy Jones


ON THE COVER: The Rodmans show us everything there is to love about our beautiful city in our cover feature on page xx! Photography Eric Larson.