Palm Desert Getaway 5

Whisk your loved one/s away to Palm Desert for a weekend or a week of savoring the desert life in one of Southern California’s quickly booming and favored getaways. Ringed by three magnificent mountain ranges, this premier resort destination in the heart of California’s Coachella Valley is sheltered from coastal air pollution and inclement weather. Offering an average of 350 days of guaranteed sunshine annually, there is plenty to see and do here, or not, as you like.

For animal lovers – The Living Desert Zoo and Garden experience is not just another zoo but a non-profit actively working to conserve species of flora and fauna for our next generations. The nature preserve protects 1,050 acres of undisturbed Sonoran Desert. This is one of the few places in the U.S you can see cheetahs, Mexican wolves and jaguars up close as well as a peccary or two.

For art aficionados – The Galen, the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, features internationally important art, including sculptures, painting, photography and anew media. Their current exhibit on glass art is an eye-opener. The Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden showcases sculptures surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, water features and walkways. In the mood for more? The main branch of the Palm Springs Art Museum is just a short drive away as is the Architecture and Design Center.

For the sport crazy – The number of golfing options here are mind blowing. To say you will be spoiled for choice would be putting it lightly. Definitely stop by Desert Willow Golf Resort, which offers two of the Coachella Valley’s best plays. Test your skills against the natural hazards and myriad water features of the challenging Firecliff Course or play a smoother, more relaxing round on the magnificent Mountain View Course. The Palm Desert Golf Academy is also located here surrounded by the Santa Rosa mountains.

For adventure seekers – The trails strewn across Palm Desert are great for a fit and fun hike but to really learn more about the area and get a sense of the surroundings, a Desert Adventures Red Jeep San Andreas Fault Eco Tour is highly recommended. A local guide drives you through different canyons to explore backcountry trails of a Bureau of Land Management Wilderness zone. You’ll see some of the most colorful portions of the fault and learn everything about block canyons, slot canyons, the history of the Cahuilla Indians and more.

For local likes – Make a date with a date! No kidding. You’d be surprised to find that date production out of Palm Desert amounts for 90% of total date production in the U.S. Oasis Date Gardens, owned by Woodspur Farms, offers taste tests of all the date varieties they grow as well as their infamous date shake and a few other date-based preparations including date cake, date cookies, date paste, and date pies.

For foodie fiends – Visit Wilma and Frieda’s for brunch – their pop tarts will bring back childhood memories. Try the squash blossoms at Piero’s Pizza Vino, the neighborhood pizza joint where the community likes to grab a drink and catch up on some neighborhood news. Savor a delightfully exquisite French meal at Le Paon – the Babai brothers’ award-winning restaurant. Or relax Tommy Bahama style at their namesake restaurant – one of only three in California and 16 worldwide.