Home Safety Essentials 9

Keeping your family and home safe is a top priority!  Here are some of our favorite products and a few friendly reminders to keep your home safe and prepared in case of an emergency.

TIP:  Never run your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer when you are sleeping or away from the house.  There is always a possibility of a leak or electrical fire. The damage can be limited if you are home and can stop it quickly.

Baby Gates:  Whether you are trying to keep your 2-legged babies or 4-legged babies from harms way, these gates are great options to keep them locked into a secure area or away from stairs.

Surveillance & Peace of Mind:  We love Nest Cam’s video security system indoor and outdoor camerss.   It records footage and allows you to keep an eye on your home from your smart phone. Speaking of smart…Nest’s Protect, is an alarm that speaks its alerts and allows communication via the app.  We know Smoke Detectors are probably the most important product for the first alert to a fire.  Carbon Monoxide Detectors are essential against this ‘silent killer’ because it s virtually undetectable via sight, smell or taste. How many times have you heard your alarms beep and you think..Smoke, batteries, or something’s burning on the stove? Now, rather than waving a dish towel in the air, you can hush the alarm with a push of a button.

Fire Extinguishers:  Have these throughout your home: Kitchen, Bedroom, Backyard, Laundry Room, Garage, etc..

Fire Proof Safe or Bag:  There are some documents or family heirlooms that are irreplaceable. We like a smaller size, which is easily grabbed on the way out.

What’s in Your Emergency Kit?  We should always be prepared with an escape route, 2nd story ladders, know where and how to turn off your gas, extra food and water, toothbrushes and paste, batteries, crank radio, solar charger and glow sticks rather than candles. Don’t forget to strap heavy furniture to the wall as we are in Earthquake Country.

Car Safety:  Did you know that your headrest can be taken off and used to break your car window if needed?  Or, we suggest a small knife to cut through seat belts or car seats.

Extension Cord with Fire Shield:  Many of us are guilty of overloading our outlets with electrical devices.  Did you know that there are built-in fire shields that take prevention to the next level and will automatically detect numerous factors to avoid electrical fires?

TIP:  Filler Up!  Never get below a half tank of gas.  A few years ago there was a countywide blackout and thousands were stranded because the gas pumps did not work without electricity.