Golf Fitness 6

When it comes to the game of golf, every player from beginner to professional is looking for ways to lower their score.  But, before you head to the range to hit another bucket of  balls or sign up for a golf lesson, there is something that might be holding you back….YOU!  Did you ever think that no matter how much you practice, your body might just not be moving in the way it needs to?

Fitness professional and avid golfer, Jeremy Kneebusch, is Titleist Performance Institute Certified and has combined his love of golf and fitness by creating a Golf Fitness Training Program at Tri-City Wellness in Carlsbad.   Kneebusch says, “The Titleist Performance Institute was designed around how we move and how that can affect the golf swing. My main focus is to look at movement flaws and work towards correcting them before we begin strength exercises and more intense training”.

Once the initial assessment is completed, a personalized fitness program is designed for each individual’s personal goals.  Kneebusch believes that being in shape is important.  “It’s an explosive movement that requires a lot of mobility in several key areas of the body.  I believe a good mobility program and training movements will help translate to the game of golf.”

This isn’t an easy game. Jeremy reminds us “put the time into the task at hand. Golf is a very complex game with many different facets. It takes a lot of time and repetition to become better”.  You won’t master it overnight.  But, remember to enjoy the time on the course while you do.

Call now to sign up for the Golf Fitness Program. Space is limited. Members and non-members welcome.