May 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

Beautiful Women,

This month we are celebrating the wonderful idiosyncrasies, styles, pleasures and uniqueness that make women so special. My go to beautiful woman is my mother. Her class, grace, wit and charm would stop a room when she entered. She was lovely, fun and adored. I am forever grateful for her influence on my life. The other evening at our event, I could see so much of that poise and beauty radiate from my daughter as she mingled and served guests. Made me proud…I gave a quick wink and a thank you to my mom in heaven. While loveliness comes in many sizes and shapes and mannerisms, there seems to be a common thread which makes women distinctive. The May issue takes that thread and weaves it through each page. Our stunning fashion article,photographed in the iconic Carlsbad Village, highlights local apparel merchants, from the beach, to the train station, to a stroll down State Street, to an evening at The New Village Arts Theater. A variety of gorgeous wardrobe options for any fashionista!


Join us as we get away to the spa that started it all…Canyon Ranch.  Step into the splendor, health and fitness found only at the infamous Canyon Ranch Spas. Take your man, your BFF or find some time alone, just go…you will never forget your experience.

To further honor fabulous women, we have starred one of the greatest ladies in all of Carlsbad.  A wonderful mother, wife, colleague, Carlsbad citizen and friend, Maureen Simons is the epitome of all that defines a lovely lady.  If you don’t know her yet…once you read her story, you will fall in love, just like the rest of us.

Carlsbad is packed with brilliant and amazing women.  Take one to Mother’s Day brunch or just out for coffee and say Thank You for all you do!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovelies out there.  Enjoy!





Photography by Lynn Monk