North County Board Meeting 13

North County residents know that there is something special about living in this unique pocket of Southern California. We love to swim, bike, run, hike, golf and play tennis like we’re professionals and then take that passion and energy directly into our places of work, innovating creative changes in various industries that are affecting the professional landscape of North County. Work hard…play harder seems to be the unofficial motto.

Although there are many ways to enjoy recreation in North County, the ever present surf culture in our communities is undeniable.  Drive down 101 just as the sun is popping above the horizon, and on most days, you’ll see men and women dotting the coastline, drinking coffee, checking the surf and making plans to change the world.

One organization that has adopted the Work Hard, Play Harder motto is the North County Board Meeting (NCBM). Founded by Michael Glenn, Director of Operations at Printsmith Solutions, Inc., in 2014 with the goals of:

  • encouraging business growth in North County
  • acting as a resource for networking
  • providing members with a tangible way to give back to the community
  • surfing

NCBM seeks to merge their love of surfing with unique business networking opportunity for its members. “Surfing is a big part of North County San Diego; whether it be for fun, work or both, we want to use that dedication to help local businesses, support charities and be an asset for our members so we can continue to make this region a great place to live and work.” —Michael Glenn

North County Board Meeting is a play on words that perfectly describes the members’ intentions, mixing business with pleasure to ultimately benefit their community by contributing philanthropically to small, local non-profit organizations. Monthly “board meetings” provide a loosely structured space to eat, network and, of course, SURF! Weather permitting, these meetings are usually held on Friday mornings at a North County beach.

“One of the benefits is the opportunity to connect with other like minded business people allowing for a less forced interaction with one another and it is always better to discuss any business while sharing waves or just looking for them around North County.” — Marcelo Bengoechea CEO Superbrand

NCBM is itself a 501(c)(3) exempt non-profit which is directed by a board of 7 and has 125 members who are active in helping to organize three fundraising events a year. Each event is designed to involve and promote local businesses, while helping to raise money to donate to small, local non-profits at the same time.

They have various events throughout the year including an annual holiday party that members bring toys which are donated to the Community Resource Center. Golf tournaments, that raise money for local charities such as Urban Surf 4 Kids, Outdoor Outreach, and TERi Campus of Life. They have even built an interactive display at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation that teaches school children the diversity of the local watershed. Other recipients of their events have been the American Lung Association through an outdoor movie and dinner party.

“This is very much a passion project all the way around. It was designed that way from the beginning to involve and promote local businesses while helping small, local non-profits at the same time. Everyone loves getting involved, helping out, and having a great time doing it.” —Rich Clark, CEO of Fuzion Payments, LLC

“It is good to have a group of guys to surf with and do philanthropic work with. It reminds me of the friendships that I had in my teenage and college years. I think a lot of guys lose that camaraderie as they get older, and I am grateful that NCBM facilitates that closeness.—Scott Holmen, CEO of Agency73, Inc.

“The NCBM has given me the opportunity to connect with local, like minded professionals while giving back to the community – and getting a chance to jump in the water all at the same time. I couldn’t ask for a better combination. It’s a win, win, win!”—Jonathan Hanwit, CEO, ThinkParallax

NCBM is always looking for new people to join their movement to increase business connections, promote local businesses and to change the philanthropic landscape of North County. “The broader our network, the deeper we can support our community and charities” —Rudy Vasquez, US VP of Sales and Marketing for Superbrand.

This year’s North County Board Meeting Golf Tournament will benefit Urban Surf 4 kids, a unique outreach organization that works with orphan and foster kids. Using water sports as a catalyst, Urban Surf 4 Kids teaches them how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.  For more information about how to get involved, donate swag, time, sponsor events, reach out through the website.

“We’ve been focused since the beginning on surfing and helping others-both local businesses and local charities. In doing so, we forged super strong relationships without really realizing it.” —Ian McDaniel, Partner, Hanscom Alexeev & McDaniel LLP

If you’re looking to increase business connections, promote local business and positively impact your North County community, what better way than to join North County Board Meeting. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a Board Meeting like this!