For the Love of Music 5

Carlsbad’s Museum of Making Music 
Offers More than Tunes

New York may have Carnegie Hall, but Carlsbad has its own salute to music. Whether you play an instrument or just like to listen, NAMM’s Museum of Making Music should be on your list to pay homage.

This is not your ordinary museum but rather a spot where you can go back in time; see historic acoustic and electric pianos and guitars, drum kits, brass instruments, accordions and ukuleles. As a visitor, go ahead and try your hand at playing modern-day instruments including a mandolin, banjo, and an electronic drum kit.

The museum welcomes visitors of all ages, and is truly for musicians and non-musicians alike. Each day, school children and families, couples, “gear heads” and industry pros walk through its doors to immerse themselves in the exhibits and interactive area.

NAMM’s Museum of Making Music is the only museum in the world that explores the storied history of musical instruments and products from invention, to creation, to market. The museum offers tours, exhibits and events year-round.

In June visitors can get up close and even more personal with instruments at the “Summer of Innovation” interactive exhibit. While perusing the exhibit, visitors will see a variety of instruments that will open their eyes and ears to the many―perhaps surprising―ways music is being made today.

Carolyn Grant, executive director of the NAMM’s Museum of Making Music, said in addition to “Summer of Innovation:” “We partnered with local composer, researcher, educator and sound artist, Dr. Christopher Warren, to bring two of his inventions to the exhibition: “The EchoThief and the Body Theremin.

The EchoThief replicates the experience of playing your favorite
instrument in a variety of locations – from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Canyon – utilizing sonic snapshots of resonant spaces, she said. “You can virtually tour North America and play music in unique and exhilarating spaces without leaving the museum. “The Body Theremin” will allow visitors to create music using their bodies as the instrument tracks every move. These experiences aren’t available anywhere else in the world so they will be absolutely one-of-a-kind experiences for our visitors.

“They can take their time to experience an instrument; they can ask questions or just explore on their own and make the connection of how musical instruments not only shape the songs we love today, but also the times we remember,” she added. “Those who attend will be surprised by some new ways that sound is being produced, how easy it is to make your own music and how truly present music is in all of our lives.”

Another must-see at NAMM’s Museum of Making Music is the current spotlight exhibit running through Aug. 9: “The Photography of Graham Nash.” It is curated with Nash’s favorite photos, includes shots of Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, and Johnny Cash; about 29 in total.

Select quotes from Nash’s lyrics accompany each image, truly marrying his two passions: Music and photography.

In the end, whether you come for the day or back again every month, it’s for the love of music that draws people to NAMM’s Museum of Making Music.