Reclaiming Love…Rebuilding Trust

Love is the fundamental nutrient and primary pillar in the anatomy of healthy relationship. We are created for love…to be loved and to give love. The absence of love in one’s family of origin creates identity confusion and the wounds of abandonment and rejection. All of our pain and conflict in our present relationships can be traced back to the violations committed in our families and previous significant relationships. We bring our pain with us. Without being loved we cannot love. Love says, “I know you and you are valued.”

Trustworthiness is the second pillar in the anatomy of healthy relationship. Trust says, “You can depend on me and I will protect you.” When trust has been broken, no matter how big or small the violation, our hearts begin to close and our souls shrink. This is part of our natural survival instinct. Universally, every human being will instinctively take it upon themselves to eliminate the emotional pain caused by a loveless or unsafe relationship. Life then becomes a series of reoccurring pains that never seem to end. However, once we can identify the origin of our violations and name them for what they are, then we can learn the process of moving from pain to peace. And as we do, freedom is the end result and peace becomes the new norm!
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