Summertime and 
the livin’ is easy 1

Where does a mother, coach, teacher, youth group leader, auntie and someday grandmother, begin to share…  Of all of my letters to you, this one has me pondering the most deeply.  I know this, I would be a very different person had I not experienced the challenges, mistakes, frustrations, exhaustion, commitments, delights, joys and LOVE of raising my two daughters. Although I believe it was my charge to raise them into healthy, capable servant leaders, ironically, it is their influence and the journey of parenting that has molded me into who I am today.

Parenting has become in some ways, even more challenging than it was when my girls were growing up. So many choices, so much pressure to perform, whether in the classroom, the playing field or their physical appearance.  I had the good fortune to raise my daughters in the mountains of Colorado and Montana.  I could bundle them up and toss them outside to explore and adventure.  Not that they did not have their share of swim lessons, music lessons and organized sports, but the pressure was light and the majority of time was spent just playing.

As children head back to school, we have reached out to a variety of resources so that we might share with you ideas for your children’s health, safety, education and play.  Although this is a power-packed issue, we still had to cut out a few stories, as there was just not room for them all.  We have decided to continue throughout the next few months to present highlights and information for parents, coaches, teachers and grandmas and grandpas…so stay tuned.

A glorious surprise is tucked inside this issue for those of you who work tirelessly to positively influence the lives of children. Escape with us as we take you to a grand Italian setting for an evening of exquisite culinary and sensory delights, right here in Carlsbad.  Bon Appetit!

My prayers and encouragement for all who help care for our children.  We are forever grateful.  Thank you to our children who bless us every day with incredible, consuming love that fills and motivates.  It is to you that we dedicate the September issue.

Much Love,