Leap Coffee

Your New Favorite Place

“Let’s meet for coffee”!  How many times have you said, heard, or been asked that question?  Meeting for coffee is a common event embedded into our way of life. Shouldn’t it, therefore, be something amazing, every time?  It can be!  Thanks to Leap Coffee and the unique culture it embodies, the mundane meeting at the coffee shop can be a rich and satisfying experience, every single time!

It all started with three years of research by Leap Founder, JJ Cutbirth, before the doors even opened.  The results are why this will be your “New Favorite Place”.

The humble storefront in the Carlsbad Gateway Center business park may not be the first place you look for this kind of greatness.  Find it… it’s  a rare gem right here in Carlsbad.

The decor dichotomy is a brilliant pairing of high ceilings and bright, clean, open spaces with warm, earthy features. The result is an inspiring and cozy environment.  The cafe boasts five seating sections, including an outside bar overlooking acres of rolling hills, a community table, bar top section and a nook with a cupping table
(the perfect height for bringing the aromas and flavors close to your senses).  Absolutely fantastic for private parties!  Leap will custom tailor your event with options like a slow bar with your own barista, non alcoholic coffee cocktails, and unique pour overs. Uncover the depth of information available and experience coffee like you never have before.

The 1000 square foot roastery is completely visible, separated by a massive, glass wall so customers can view the process. Inside, in a hand built, American made Deidrich roaster, the fascinating art/science of roasting, happens daily.

Leap is part of the elite SCAA recognized experienced specialty coffee brewers, meeting longstanding rigorous technical requirements based on decades of industry knowledge.

Leap coffees are  quality products from the natural swiss mountain water used in brewing to the scrumptious menu;  everything is fresh, made from scratch and on demand, including syrups, almond milk, and mexican mocha powder, pastries (baked on site), as well as salads and sandwiches.  Creating a coffee culture with purpose means Leap supports local businesses by offering products from Bread and Cie, VG Donuts, and Flying Bird Botanicals certified organic teas.

The focus is on quality and all Leap coffees are traceable.  Farms from all parts of the world are scrutinized considering things like location, growing area, growers, millers, cherry, elevation, type of bean, bird friendly, fair trade, and  rainforest alliance. They do this all while showcasing “in season” coffee and offering a spectrum of what’s trending with crops.

Tasting Leap coffee is similar to experiencing fine wine.  Expect hints of honey, hazelnut, lemon, caramel, and berry…even in the decaf!  Can’t get enough?  No problem, ordering online is easy through the website.  Transport the Leap experience into your business by ordering wholesale as well.

At Leap creativity is celebrated and encouraged. The staff is friendly, informative and helpful.

Bring the office with you, loosen your tie and plug in   Go on a coffee date, celebrate a birthday, have a party, get some alone time, bring the kids!  People are laughing and smiling, the vibe and energy in this chic coffee shop are electric.  Leap is a close to heart kind of place where drinking insanely tasty coffee with great purpose makes it easy to call Leap  your New Favorite Place!

“Cheers to you”…Carlsbad Lifestyle would like to honor Leap Founder,  JJ Cutbirth, the visionary and larger-than-life man who elevated people, celebrated the passion and creativity of others, and was the reason and springboard for this purposeful coffee culture which continues to evolve and contribute meaning, (and outrageously delicious coffee) to Carlsbad.  We miss you JJ and along with your family, PJ, staff and the community, are committed to seeing out your vision. Thank you for an incredible cup of coffee and the perfect place to enjoy it.