Summertime and 
the livin’ is easy 1

As we kiss the warm and feisty days of summer good-bye and embrace the new cozy of October…things are changing.

Everything is so crisp and clear.  The ocean has a new deep blue with twinkling diamonds dancing atop…Catalina looks like someone just painted it on the horizon.  Nights are cool and it actually feels good to have a bonfire, colors are glowing, football is the talk, snuggly sweaters, yummy soups and hot coffee… we are wrapped in the midst of fall and it feels good.

Open up the pages of our October issue and all of these sensations and more come alive…

How many of you are like me and avoid the great new breweries because you have no idea what an IPA is, or what in the world you are going to get in a beer with a certain ABV or IBU that looks like dark coffee!  What??

Recently I had the pleasure of entertaining a local, Australian business owner.., I knew Aussies like their beer, so I braved up and took him to Barrel Republic.  Geez…I need a bracelet???…there are scans to pour a beer and touch screens for descriptions, codes and blackboards with a language I have never seen…the epitome of intimidating.  However, with a little help from one of the staff, the game was on…how fun!! Experimenting, learning and tasting some fabulous beers…so much more interesting than my go to Coors Light.  I could not keep this new discovery to myself.  I had to get some local expertise and share with all of you.

Yesterday I had a gold crown stick to a lollypop I was enjoying. Dr. Nelson Howard saw me immediately, assessed the situation, shared with me the inner workings of my mouth with some pretty high tech gadgets, then set in motion a strategy to get me fixed in time to go visit my daughter in a few days. I would take his advice in our Halloween Candy article and then see him for your next check up!

Many of us lost a dear friend earlier this year in JJ Cutbirth, owner of Leap Coffee.  JJ and I sipped many a coffee, discussing business and sharing life stories.  Thank goodness for his amazing wife and manager PJ, who vowed to continue JJ’s vision and passion for great coffee and a place for people to gather.  Step into Leap Coffee with us for a visit.   You will discover not only divine coffee but, “Your New Favorite Place”.

Yummy soup, fast cars, and a unique, Carlsbad banking service, wrap up a bountiful issue. Grab a Leap latte or a local craft beer and settle in for a great issue of Carlsbad Lifestyle.
With Love,