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Community Banking at its Best

Ask their customers why they choose Silvergate Bank over the competition and you’ll receive a wide spectrum of positive responses.  There is one consistent comeback though that perpetually appears:  “It’s their customer service.”  Not just your generic type either, but the kind that makes an owner feel special, like their bank is truly their partner in the success of their business.

As the largest and most profitable San Diego-based commercial bank*, Silvergate offers a comprehensive list of financial products and services with the ability to closely customize them to suit a client’s needs.   It’s more than what is offered on the menu, though that keeps their customers content.

It’s the delivery.

Silvergate Bank’s employees are well aware of their employer’s expectations.  There is a family-like culture and a solid short list of corporate core values:  act like an owner, practice teamwork, provide integrity, be innovative, work hard-but have fun, and the most essential:  provide consistent superior service.

And they do.

Most business people would agree that the financial strength of their bank is an important feature, so it’s vital to note that Silvergate Bank boasts 19 consecutive profitable years under its current ownership.  The Great Recession occurred smack dab in the middle of this time frame.  While many local banks suffered or even failed, Silvergate Bank continued to prosper – and their customers remained loyal.

So, if you own or run a local business and someone asks you why you bank where you bank, hopefully you will be able to easily convey why.  If not, perhaps it’s time to find a new bank that is as unique as your business.

*Source:  SNL Financial; data as of 6/30/17

 Working with Slivergate Bank is like dealing with a friend.  You are treated like a VIP no matter what your status.  I sincerely appreciate the special treatment and care that Silvergate employees give their clients, and I trust my business banker for the great advice she provides.”

Greg Voisen
Consultant-Entrepreneur-Author, eLuminate Consulting,Inc

Home AV TV & Design in Carlsbad banks with Silvergate because we get awesome customer service, a bank that can keep up with with our 50% growth and the highest level of security with our transactions!

Russ Stover
CEO | Digitainment Surround Sound Systems, Inc.