Customized Holiday Home Decor 8

Breathtaking Wreaths Made Just for You

The  awe in the eyes of a child gazing upon a twinkling Christmas tree reminds us that the holiday season brings with it, great hope and lasting joy! Glorious holiday decorations bring out the child in each of us.

This sense of wonder is what Nancy Starling (owner, Starling Designs) loves to bring to others with her inspiring holiday masterpieces.  Nancy knows it is better to give than to receive because her joy is made complete every time someone experiences her art and feels like a child again!

If first impressions are everything, then the holiday wreath needs to deliver an ever-so-special welcome message for friends, and family who are home for the holidays.  Nancy’s process involves a collection of carefully orchestrated steps. Design style lighting, and temperature play an important role in the process. Listening very carefully to the vision of her client is a critical key to her success.  Materials are selected based on color, size, texture and theme  (there are no limits here; Nancy has made everything from sports to safari and the popular holiday by-the-sea come to life). Every part of the wreath is constructed by hand with care, skill, passion, joy and attention to detail.  The result is a custom made statement, all your own!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The holidays are filled with wonderful things like parties, gathering with loved ones, eating amazing food, singing carols, entertaining, celebrating, giving gifts, and opening presents!  Why not leave the decorating to the experts?! Three generations of elves are at at the helm of Starling Designs!  Nancy’s son, Eric, and grandsons Jack and Joey are the muscle behind the magnificence and a valuable part of the team helping with large installations like the glorious Christmas trees they create.

FEAR  NOT!  We bring you Good News of Great Joy;  Nancy is right here in Carlsbad!  She and her team are ready to transform and beautify your interior or exterior spaces from something ordinary to something inspiring and imaginative.

When Nancy isn’t busy running Starling Designs, her decorating and plantscaping company of 33 years, she can be found volunteering in the community and doing great work with the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club. Be set apart this Season. Call Nancy for your beautiful, one of a kind, wreaths and holiday decor!