Discovering Olive Oils 6

A Savory Journey Awaits

The myths and mysteries surrounding olive oil are uncovered in a most delicious way, right in the heartbeat of our city. Humble Olive Oils, on State Street, is family owned and boasts 20 to 30 types of olive oils. Stopping by the store will elevate your understanding of the art and science of olive oil as well as delight your senses.

Humble Olive Oils Owner, Zac Markham experienced exceptional olive oil during his travels to places like Australia, Spain, Italy, France and Greece.  Inspired by his new found passion, he opened Humble Olive Oils two and half years ago.  Zac still travels to olive farms regularly as part of his commitment to bring the best olive oil to his loyal customers.

Zac, along with his sister and brother-in-law, turned his vision into an inspirational and inviting space by fashioning wood tables, texturing walls and choosing warm elements that transport you to the ambiance of an olive farm in Sicily.  Zac is kind and friendly and always happy to guide you through popular flavor pairings and recipe ideas.  The infused balsamic, complemented with fig, rosemary, maple, or Meyer lemon are rich, complex, and ever so sweet; perfect with the Tuscan herb oil. Be adventurous and taste something unique like coconut vinegar and lime olive oil or an oil infused with spicy seasonal chilies! The nutty, creamy and fresh taste of the sesame oil and vinegar pairing will be the stars of your Chinese chicken salad. Use your Humble Olive Oil for finishing a pizza or roasted chicken, marinades, deep frying, glazing, pan searing and everything in between.

Why does it taste SO GOOD? Similar to fine wine, there are a variety of factors. The oils come from two independent labs and, like wine, are shipped topped with argon gas to stop the aging process. They are stored in beautiful metal containers called fucis, which line the store. These containers protect the oil from heat, light, and air which can degrade it.  Olive oil is technically a fruit juice and like an avocado, will experience oxidation.  Each fuci carries a valuable tag revealing the six components which make up the quality of that particular extra virgin olive oil. Crush date is also important. The closer the oil is to the crush date, the better the quality.  It’s comforting to know Humble Olive Oil products are pure and traceable.

Olive Oil and vinegar have a long standing relationship, which is why Humble Olive Oils offers a beautiful spectrum of vinegar to complement their olive oils.  In addition, you can pick up Humble Olive Oil’s popular house blended spice combinations as well as specialty pastas, sauces, chocolates, salts and much more.