Showers of Blessings 7

A Community Comes Together

Generous is a word you often hear when people describe Carlsbad residents. Giving back through charitable donations and volunteerism is a hallmark of what it means to be a good citizen of Carlsbad.

On the second and fourth Tuesday of every month homeless Carlsbad residents gather at the Father Moore Center on Madison Street to get a free hot shower, haircut, meal and clean clothes, everything provided under the umbrella of Showers of Blessings, a charitable project started in 2014 by the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. After learning about Showers of Blessings in early February, Carlsbad resident Chris Durnan recruited friends from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church to go with her to see the program in action in Encinitas. “We were all inspired and convinced that this was something we needed to do for those in need in Carlsbad,” Durnan said. They distributed flyers to locations where homeless would see them: the library, beach bathrooms, senior centers and restaurants, and on June 6 of this year the two-unit mobile shower rolled onto the grounds of the Father Moore Center. Seventeen homeless residents (called guests) showed up at that first event, in late September there were thirty. The numbers continue to grow.

Stylists from Kelly Cardenas Salon in Carlsbad give haircuts and beard trims, local donors provide the food (casseroles are popular) and clothing (used clothing must be washed and only new underwear is accepted) but the charity is in need of other specific items such as toiletries, and they hope to raise enough money through monetary donations to purchase another mobile shower in the not-too-distant future.

Socorro Anderson, community advocate and Director of Father Moore Hall, takes great pride in hosting Showers of Blessings at the facility, noting “A healthy community is when we help those that are most vulnerable;  children, the elderly and the homeless.” Other community services provided at the Hall include “Don’t Go Back to School Hungry” food distribution, backpacks and school supplies for children and food boxes for seniors in Carlsbad.

To donate to or volunteer for Showers of Blessings contact Chris Durnan at 760-729-3755.

If you’re looking for other ways to donate your time, the City of Carlsbad maintains an online resource for those who’d like to get more involved in community volunteering. Get more information at

“The spirit of volunteerism is one of the things that makes Carlsbad so special. Our community cares for one another, they love their city, and they want to give back.”

Matt Hall Mayor of Carlsbad

“Coming to this makes you feel like you’re human. It’s so hard on the street. I can’t even imagine being a lady out there with what we deal with. A lot of us go a long time without a shower and usually take a bird bath in a park bathroom sink. This is the best thing, we get to clean up and we really appreciate it.”  Randy C.