November 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

Hello Holidays!

I love the sparkle in the air, planning festivities, the anticipation of family coming to town and celebrating the seasons of giving, hope and joy!

Carlsbad is a cornucopia of beauty and abundance, but what makes it so special, is the heart of its people.  Carlsbad gives and gives and gives.  I am privileged to have a vehicle where I can share with you the gifts and wonders of this community and its generous people.  Each month we try to create awareness as well as celebrate the kindness of Carlsbad.  The list is too long to cover all, but as I head off to support the Boys and Girls Club this evening at their annual fundraiser, I tip my hat to this compassionate organization and all who help run the machine.  Mitchell Thorp Foundation, San Diego Charitable Foundation, Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, The Assistance League, Kindness Meters, North Coast Calvary Church, The Carlsbad Library Foundation and North County Board Meeting are just a few of the other organizations Carlsbad Lifestyle embraces.  These and many, many more non-profit groups, as well as individuals, make our lovely town, miraculous.

It is a pleasure to welcome in the holidays with you.  Enjoy all the love coming your way and while you are at it, look for an opportunity, however small, to pay it forward.  It is the heartbeat of our town!

With Much Love,