Modern Home Gadgets 47

“There’s no place like home,” and, there’s really no place like home when it comes to 2017 technology. With the modernization of technology and automation of homes, who wants to leave? We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest modern “home” gadgets you won’t know what you ever did without.

Mevo: We have countless ways to document our lives—social media, photo sharing sites and live streaming, to name a few. However, Mevo is taking it a step further, allowing you to “share the events that matter most in your life with the production value these events deserve,” with professional-quality and sophisticated storytelling.

The Light Phone: This “phone away from your phone” is a slim, credit card-sized phone that works with your existing phone, designed to encourage you to “go light,” allowing you to maintain a peace of mind by still being reachable, but leaving behind the distractions from walking around with a computer in your pocket. With numerous specifications and customizations, The Light Phone will help you unplug—without feeling like you’re too far from home.

Prizm Speaker: Is there a point where your devices know you so well it becomes creepy? Prizm—a brain for your speakers—may toe that line, by identifying users in the room through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals and detecting the mood, in order to play the best music without any help. By analyzing your streaming playlists and remembering your preferences each time you interact with it, Prizm understands what’s happening in the room and will choose music accordingly.

SensorWake Alarm Clock: Have you ever dreamed about waking up to the smell of toast or a nice, hot cup of espresso? It’s now possible with the SensorWake Alarm Clock—the first olfactory alarm clock. Gradually awaking you using scents like croissant, toast, chocolate and peppermint, the alarm clock uses carefully selected scents designed to awaken the most pleasant emotions and memories that connect you to the scents. Maybe that means Monday mornings won’t be so bad after all!

Planty: For those who weren’t born with a green thumb, be happy you were born in today’s vast world of technology. Gone are the days of killing plants and here are the days of staying connected with nature. Connected with a mobile app and sensors, Planty measures temperature, soil moisture and illuminance, allows you to water your plant remotely, alerts you to when the growth environment for your plant becomes unsuitable and offers you gardening tips for indoor plants.

Drop Kitchen Scale: They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and the connected Drop Scale and Recipe App is making it easier than ever before. Drop’s kitchen scale works with the Drop Recipe app, allowing you to choose from hundreds of top-quality recipes. With smart scaling, step-by-step instructions, recipe adjustments based on how much of an ingredient you have on hand and alternative ingredients to use when you left something off your list at the store, Drop takes the stress out of cooking.

FOODsniffer: Have you ever opened something to smell it to make sure it was still good and instantly regretted it? Now, there’s FOODsniffer to take your place. Built from Swiss technology, it’s a smart portable kitchen gadget that can tell if raw meat, poultry or fish is fresh, spoiled or starting to spoint in a matter of seconds.