Tips For Starting Your Project Off Right

Are you thinking about redoing an area of your home or maybe the entire yard, but aren’t sure how to go about it? After 48 years in business, I believe that a vast majority put off this endeavor because people are not sure how to start the process. 

Here are some helpful hints that I suggest before you start speaking to landscape designers/contractors.

First, sit down together—even if one of you normally “handles” these tasks—and decide which areas of your yard are going to need attention. Hint: Sometimes it is better to create a master plan and then proceed with individual areas if the budget does not permit the entire project. 

Second, decide on the function or how you will use each area. Hint: It’s okay if there are different opinions, but write them all down and talk about them. 

Third, discuss how important the aesthetics or the beauty of the area is to each of you. 

Fourth, and most importantly, discuss each area as to your individual whys of the function and the aesthetics of each area. For example, if one of your areas is right off the family room and has a function or use as an entertainment area, write down why you want to redo the area. It may be the reason relates to family functions or the reason may be extending the inside family room entertainment to the outside. It may be purely aesthetics with no specific function in mind. Whatever it is, if you are single, a couple or a family, write it down and discuss your whys. 

Fifth, write down your specific ideas of how you might design your own area. Write down the elements or the specific ideas that you have in mind. Hint: As you speak to designers/builders discuss the first four categories, allowing the designers to respond as to how they would design your areas and see how close they come to your ideas. We here at TeamG7 are extremely proficient at this process and would love to guide you through the process.

And, finally, pick up the phone and start setting appointments with your chosen designers/contractors and please include us here at Team G7 Inc. in your design plans. 

Happy New Year! 

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