Tax Tips at Your Fingertips

“I just LOVE tax season,” said no one ever! We know…so we’re here to help make it a little easier on you this year. Kurt Filipovitch and the experts from Filipovitch and Co., a local accounting company that has done business in the city for over 35 years, share their tips to make tax season easier on everyone.

The Road to Retirement

Planning for retirement is not what it used to be. The proverbial gold watch and the lifetime pension are almost a thing of the past. People planning today must be much more involved in where they want to go and how they plan to get there. Here are some financial planning tips to help you travel the right road:

Alice in Wander-land

As children, we all heard the story or watched the movie Alice in Wonderland. Alice was walking down a path and reached the forest where there was a big tree covered in signs pointing to different forks in the road, and she stopped in her tracks, faced with a big decision. “Which way should I go?” she said, rhetorically speaking.…