Let’s hear it for the Boys!

There’s no place like Carlsbad in the summer.., events, fairs, brewfests, galas, surf contests, concerts, flowers, barbeques and evening strolls. Yes, the traffic is even worse, restaurants have long waits and there are tourists everywhere…but…that is all part of what makes Carlsbad come alive and what supports our thriving community!

May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Beautiful Women, This month we are celebrating the wonderful idiosyncrasies, styles, pleasures and uniqueness that make women so special. My go to beautiful woman is my mother. Her class, grace, wit and charm would stop a room when she entered. She was lovely, fun and adored. I am forever grateful for her influence on my life. The other evening at…

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Growing up, my favorite assignments in school were reports. From a young age I loved the research, collecting of photos and presenting my discoveries in a nicely bound, written form for my teacher and classmates. Destiny it seems…several decades later, here I am, able to do what I have always enjoyed… as a career! The very best part, is that…

Life is Rad in Carlsbad

Hi Everyone! My name is Margi Blash Filipovitch and I’d like to start by saying I’m honored to be the new Editor for Carlsbad Lifestyle. I’ll give you a little bit of background on me. I am a Southern California girl! I grew up in Laguna Niguel then moved to Los Angeles where I attended U.S.C. (FIGHT ON!) where I…

A happy February 
filled with love!

Our February issue proclaims 'Love Is In The Air'! Coming off the fullness of the holidays, many of us are still cozy and filled with love from family and friends. If you were like me, you experienced the incredible richness of having your children gathered around - laughing, talking, playing games and delighting in being together again. Love is gratifying,…

Happy New Year!

We are kicking off 2017 with an exploration into healthy and fit living. I don’t know about you but I already need a holiday diet so let’s start getting fit and healthy together!

The Reason for the Season

Family, parties, gifts, music and yummy food…let the holidays begin! Carlsbad Lifestyle ushers in the season with a plethora of fun, fancies and festivities. For starters…shake up your holiday party with a Whiskey Bar for a real “twist” on entertaining your friends. They will love these unique and very tasty whiskey concoctions. You will also be pleased to discover that…

Where will you go?

On a trip to Amsterdam, I visited a museum where I saw this sign - "Waar moet ik heen?" Translated from Dutch, it means - Where shall I go? For the lifelong traveler in me, this was an epiphany for not only my travels until then but also the travels ahead. The travel bug bit me early on in life,…

Feelin’ Good

Southern California…the epitome of health and wellness. The SoCal culture thrives on activity, experiences, physical appearance and long life, all great impetus for discovering, and resurrecting effective pathways to overall wellbeing.

Giving Back

Giving Back suggests we have something to give in the first place. How wonderful that each one of us, regardless of our financial, physical or emotional wealth, has something to give. Whether a smile, a hand up, a meal, a hug, a kind word…we all have unique ways to bless others. Please join Carlsbad Lifestyle in celebrating the many generous…

August wishes to you and yours!

As you read this month’s issue, we hope our magazine gives you many reasons to cherish calling Carlsbad home. Our coastal city here is not just one of natural beauty – the local community adds its own charisma…

Summertime Lovin’

When the weather's this enticing, I find no reason to stay indoors. Every opportunity to experience something new, discover another local attraction, is enthusiastically embraced. And when our beautiful city offers so much to do and see, why not partake? No doubt you will find me at the beach a few days but I am excited for all the great…

Hello June!

This month’s issue of Carlsbad Lifestyle celebrates a few of our local men. We have highlighted some wonderful members of our community here for you to get to know them better. Our stories share a few of their hobbies, passions and professional insights. We honor devoted fathers and take you on an adventure for the wild at heart.

Inspired by 

For one reason or another, I have spent much of my life living in resort communities. Never have I experienced such an embracing beauty like Carlsbad. The complete physical, cultural and spiritual atmosphere here is bar none.