Where will you go?

On a trip to Amsterdam, I visited a museum where I saw this sign - "Waar moet ik heen?" Translated from Dutch, it means - Where shall I go? For the lifelong traveler in me, this was an epiphany for not only my travels until then but also the travels ahead. The travel bug bit me early on in life,…

Green Dragon Tavern, Henebery Whiskey Present Unique Dining Experience

Green Dragon Tavern and Henebery Whiskey partnered for a unique dining experience with a first-time pairing of limited edition spirits and an award-winning menu. Executive chef Greg Krol created food pairings with Henebery's Celebrated Whiskey. Net proceeds from the dinner benefited the Green Dragon Tavern Historical Foundation of California. GreenDragonTavernCA.com

Museum of Making Music’s Annual 
”Play it Forward” Gala

The National Association of Music Merchants’ Museum of Making Music (MoMM) hosted its Annual “Play it Forward” Gala in September. Proceeds from the evening will offset the $100,000 annual operating costs of all the music education programs hosted by MoMM throughout San Diego County. MuseumOfMakingMusic.org Photography Tim Whitehouse

Kindness Meters Dedication Ceremony at 
Carlsbad Sign

Highway 101 was officially shut down for an hour September 23rd for the Kindness Meters dedication ceremony at the 
Carlsbad sign in Carlsbad Village. CBS News 8's Dan Cohen was the emcee for the evening and many local guests and community members were present for this historic moment when the sign lit up! KindnessMeters.com

Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation 
Night at the Library

Night at the Library was held at the Dove Library on September 17. Attendees enjoyed appetizers, wine, live entertainment, dinner, dancing and fun in the library. Guest of honor Ben Schulman, who recently turned 99, was recognized for his devoted support of the library. Photography Jeff Kassebaum. CarlsbadLibraryArtsFoundation.org

November 2016 Around Town

Many years ago, something unexpected happened at Gems of La Costa. The owners, Dale and Linda Condy, began “working for tips”, providing small repairs in exchange for voluntary donations (tips) for local charities. They called the tips “Charity Charges” and it became their unique way of giving back to the community. An engraved plate was placed on a glass jar…

Under the Sea

From guiding dives in Malaysia, surveying coral reefs in Indonesia, and exploring submerged caves in Mexico, 26-year-old Carlsbad resident Caitlyn Webster travels to remote areas around the world as a Scientific Diver and photographer. No wonder then that she speaks five languages and has traveled to all seven continents!

Hostess with the Mostest

As a baker, Prowse insists on creating and rolling out her own dough to create a flaky crust, “I never met anyone who didn't love this tart. It's almost candy-like. If you prefer pecans or almonds, you can use those instead of the walnuts.”

Cruising Luxuries

Living in Carlsbad is like living in paradise. But it is nice to get away for either rest and relaxation or grand world exploration every now and then! Carefree Vacations, a full service travel agency serving the San Diego community since 1963, has you covered for exclusive and inclusive memorable vacations.

The Not So Secret Life of Pets

The change in the weather and displays in the stores signal the holidays are just around the corner. We happily look forward to fun times with our family, friends…and pets! It is no secret that many of our wonderful winter holiday traditions can pose threats to our pets. So when making your plans, consider your pet’s comfort, health and safety.

Fox 5’s Heather Lake’s Winter Travel Favorites

You’ve seen her on TV but Fox 5’s Heather Lake is here reporting less about the local news and more about her favorite travel picks for the season. Lake and husband Sean are sporty parents to baby boy Sebastian. “We are pretty big runners (trained and ran the Boston Marathon together in 2014 as "marriage counseling"),” says Lake. “No matter…