Let’s hear it for the Boys!

There’s no place like Carlsbad in the summer.., events, fairs, brewfests, galas, surf contests, concerts, flowers, barbeques and evening strolls. Yes, the traffic is even worse, restaurants have long waits and there are tourists everywhere…but…that is all part of what makes Carlsbad come alive and what supports our thriving community!

Carlsbad Village Merchants Mixer

The Carlsbad Village Merchants Association hosted its first Merchant Mixer of the year at Witch Creek Winery in the Village. Merchants, colleagues, friends and family came together to raise a glass and share some snacks and stories while catching up and making new friends. carlsbad-village.com

Tri-City Wellness Center National Walking Day Expo and Celebration

Tri-City Wellness Center hosted a National Walking Day Expo and Celebration April 5th in partnership with the American Heart Association. Heart healthy activities including Zumba, chair massages and hand treatments were offered, along with health screenings and healthy drink and snack samples from vendors. tricitywellness.com

June 2017 Around Town

Treat dad to a rejuvenating Gentleman's Facial and custom 60-minute massage at the Tri-City Wellness Center Spa. The Father's Day Spa Package is valid 6/1-6/18 and the Spa is open to public. tricitywellness.com

North County Board Meeting

North County residents know that there is something special about living in this unique pocket of Southern California. We love to swim, bike, run, hike, golf and play tennis like we’re professionals and then take that passion and energy directly into our places of work, innovating creative changes in various industries that are affecting the professional landscape of North County.…

5 Things to Improve Your Sales Game

1. Have a process. Know what you want to do at each step. The Sandler Methodology is all about process. By following a process you’re able to qualify or disqualify each prospective opportunity and do it more quickly. You should know what’s happening to you on each sales call and more importantly, know what to do about it.

Men’s Prostate Health

If you are a male over the age of 55, there is a very high likelihood that you may be suffering from a condition more common than prostate cancer - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH. We sat down with Dr. Jason Phillips, board certified urologist from North Coast Urology, to discuss BPH and a new minimally invasive treatment option that…

Henebery Celebrated Whiskey

Henebery Whiskey, a 90 proof rye whiskey made with organic ingredients, dates back to 1851 in Peoria, Illinois, where it was farm-to-bottle produced by Matthew Henebery. His great-great-great grandson-in law, Jesse Fanning, is now resurrecting the brand that ceased to exist when Matthew passed. Jesse, along with his family; including his mother, father-in-law and wife, are resurrecting the family name…

The Switchfoot BRO-AM

"We want to giveback to our hometown and invest in the next generation" 
-Switchfoot One of the most common questions asked of local GRAMMY Award winning band Switchfoot, is “Where is your favorite place to perform?” Even though the band has traveled and toured around the world, their answer is always “Home, in beautiful San Diego”.