Escape to a Dream your own backyard 3

No boarding pass required. No long security lines. No delays. Imagine being able to relax like you are on vacation, just by stepping into your own backyard. Philip Lizarraga, founder and owner of Team G7 Landscape, a local landscape design and build company in Carlsbad, specializes in transforming your yard into your favorite place to visit. Even the smallest spaces, with the right design, can create an entire new home and become your dream destination 365 days a year.

How do they do it?

Step 1: Discover

First, Team G7 will help you discover all the ways which you wish you could use your yard – to entertain, relax, or enjoy with your family.  They sit with you and ask many important questions, while answering yours, so they can truly discover your hopes and dreams for your yard.

Step 2: Design

Next, Team G7 will use a collaborative design process to take your wish list and creatively fit it into the size and configuration of your yard. They will present you with two initial drafts, in 2D or 3D.  One draft, Plan A, reflects the clients initial vision and a second draft, Plan B, showing additional creative options that could add even more magic. This process results in a design that truly reflects your heartbeat. As described by Philip, “We are able to give our clients what they really want by developing a relationship of trust – through keeping our word, being on time, exuding creativity and passion, and delivering more than we said we would.”

Step 3: Deliver

This is where the magic happens – where the entire Team G7 gets involved. The team’s craftsmen transform your space quickly and professionally.

So, are you concerned about your space not being large enough? No problem!