Doce Chocolates Offers Diverse Treats to Satisfy Any Craving

If you’re after a decadent and rich chocolate treat, look no further than Doce Chocolates, located right here in Carlsbad. Doce was founded in 2015 by Linda Friz, a Southern California local. She curated a passion for desserts and entrepreneurship early on, drawing her inspiration from her parents: Linda’s mother was creative in the kitchen, and her dad was a business owner. She soon found her dessert-making niche in the form of chocolate truffles and decided to open shop once they quickly became in-demand. “Doce” means “sweet” in Portuguese, and Linda coined her shop after her heritage.

Doce’s chocolates are visually impressive, like the campfire s’more, which is covered in crumbled graham crackers, drizzled with chocolate and topped with a marshmallow. And the truffles don’t just look delicious—Linda crafts her treats locally, using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. 

You won’t find any artificial preservatives or additives in these delectable treats. Fruit-infused truffles like the tangy raspberry and tropical key lime are crafted with organic and fresh fruit. Doce’s mission is simple: spread joy through delicious chocolate that’s handcrafted with intention and care.

And Linda’s diverse recipes will satisfy any chocolate cravings.

“Everyone has different favorites,” she says. “It’s all in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, it’s all in the taste bud of the tongue.” 

If you want a kick of sultry spice, try the cayenne pepper. Or, if you have a taste for a salty-sweet treat, the salted caramel will be sure to delight. Maybe you want to keep it simple with the classic velvet-chocolate. No matter your cravings, Doce’s handcrafted decadent treats will meet all of your chocolate desires.

“I have several favorites,” Linda says. “It’s probably salted caramel and sea salt though. They both have the sweet and salty taste—the best of both worlds.”

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