Finding Your Soulmate

Are you tired of trying all the old ways of finding your life partner? Online dating, didn't work, being set up by your friends, didn't work, frequenting singles establishments, also a failure.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet…there is a BETTER WAY that has been field tested and proven.

Stop Wrapping, Start Remembering

December is a month of remembrance and celebrations, but too often it is also a month of overwhelming obligations and rampant commercialism. The combination of guilt, stress, lack of sleep, and overspending tend to turn the last month of the year into a whirlwind of overextended schedules. Don’t let negative emotions and unrealistic expectations take over this season.

Baked Stuffed Apples

Enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning or a delicious treat later in the day. Slow cooker stuffed apples will give you all the fall feels.

Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Always check treats to make sure they’re safe and sealed before being eaten. Treats can wait to be eaten until you’re home. Never eat anything that looks suspicious. If a treat looks questionable, throw it away. Best to be safe.

Reclaiming Love…Rebuilding Trust

Love is the fundamental nutrient and primary pillar in the anatomy of healthy relationship. We are created for love…to be loved and to give love. The absence of love in one’s family of origin creates identity confusion and the wounds of abandonment and rejection. All of our pain and conflict in our present relationships can be traced back to the…

Men’s Prostate Health

If you are a male over the age of 55, there is a very high likelihood that you may be suffering from a condition more common than prostate cancer - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH. We sat down with Dr. Jason Phillips, board certified urologist from North Coast Urology, to discuss BPH and a new minimally invasive treatment option that…

Coming Back to Lead the City Forward

“My favorite things about Carlsbad are the family friendly environment, thoughtful community and service-oriented city,” remarks Carlsbad City Manager Kevin Crawford. Longtime residents of the city know those words are not spoken by a stranger! Crawford served the Carlsbad and San Diego County communities prior to his current position as City Manager. For 30 years, he was employed by the…

Bird on a Wire

One of my dear friends is a painter who sees the world through her amazing artist eyes. When she was the newbie in our neighborhood, her heart was sensitive to how to integrate her family into the community. Driving one day she noticed how birds perched on a telephone wire seemed to choose when to gather, and who to pause…